The Babylon Project

Optic Nerve Studios is a Los Angeles based special effects company, specialising in prosthetic make-up appliances, animatronic puppets, full body suits and speciality props. The company is headed by the special effects make-up creator/artist John Vulich. The company did the special effects for Babylon 5, Crusade and most all of the TV movies and were responsible for all of the alien make-up appliances as well as the full body suits and puppetry for characters like Kosh, N'Grath, the Vindrizi and the "Forgiveness Creature".

It has also done work for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The X-Files Heroes. Eagle eyed viewers can spot the occasional Babylon 5 alien making a background cameo as a demon in episodes of Buffy or Angel while in the market scene in A Call to Arms, an actress wearing the vampire appliance from Buffy and Angel can be briefly glimpsed. Optic Nerve's feature film work includes the make-up effects for the 1990 remake of George A. Romero classic Night of the Living Dead, starring Patricia Tallman and Tony Todd.

They have been nominated for awards several times for its work over the last several years and have won the Emmy Award for "outstanding achievement in makeup for a series" on three occasions including for Babylon 5's "The Parliament of Dreams" in 1994.

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