Captain Sheridan being shocked by a Pain Giver

G'Kar wearing pain givers in 2258

A Pain Giver is a thin metallic device placed around a person's neck and/or wrists, used mostly for controlling prisoners and torture.[1]

They can be activated at will by a remote device, sending painful electrical charges to course through the victim. Pain givers can be set to discharge automatically if the subject gets within a certain proximity to the controller--three feet, for example. The electrical charge is usually set to render the subject unconscious if they get within reach, which would be approximately two feet. The charge can even be set to a fatal level if the subject comes into direct contact with the controller.

Earth purchased pain givers from the Narn during the Earth-Minbari War. A set of which were used on John Sheridan when he was captured by Earthforce during the Earth Alliance Civil War in 2261.[2]

Tu'Pari of the Thenta Makur employed a somewhat more cumbersome design when he was assigned to torture and kill Ambassador G'Kar in 2258. The client, Du'Rog, was very specific in that G'Kar should know pain before his death. However, the model used by Tu'Pari proved to be rather fragile, as Na'Toth was able to disable the pain givers with a short, if painful beating.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A similar if more sophisticated device was known to have been used by Mr. Sebastian, a Vorlon Inquisitor. They took the form of a pair of loose manacles that were controlled from a staff-like device and could be removed by the subject at any time. Removing the manacles, however, would be considered an admission of failure and defeat. The subject would then be considered "inadequate for the task ahead." As such their purpose was not to impose pain as a means of control and submission but as a test of will.[3]

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