Pak'ma, also known as Melat, was the homeworld of the pak'ma'ra, former members of the League and later members of the Interstellar Alliance.[1]

Pak'ma is covered by dense atmosphere and features large salt water seas, a rugged terrain, massive plains and supports a significant variation in biodiversity.[2] The landscape is dotted with organic caves and grottoes that are used by the pak'ma'ra as communal habitats. The planet's substantial ground defenses which combined with the planet's atmosphere and terrain makes invasion unlikely for any but the most powerful races.

Pak'ma was one of many worlds to engage in corporate negotiations with the Earth based company XenoCorp.[1] In 2271 ISA President Sheridan visited Pak'ma for a state visit before going on to Babylon 5 for the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Interstellar Alliance.[3]

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