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A panicked Babylon 4 worker was trapped on the station when it disappeared in 2254 and reappeared in 2258.[1]


When the station became "unstuck" in time, the worker – like the rest of the station's crew – began experiencing time-flashes, moving forward and backward in time. What he saw in his time-flash disturbed him, causing him to fly into a panic, running to the docking bays to find a way off the station.

When Babylon 4 reappeared Sinclair, Garibaldi, and a handful of others from Babylon 5 boarded the station to investigate. When they entered the cargo bay, the panicked man began firing shots at them, called them "monsters" and said, "I see you... you think I can't?"

He was stopped by Garibaldi, who flanked him while Sinclair made a distraction. They were quickly joined by Major Lewis Krantz who took the man into custody.