The Babylon Project

Peter was a rogue telepath and a rare telekinetic. Though mentally stable (unlike most "Teeks"), he suffered from a pronounced stutter and possessed a gentle personality.

In 2262, he arrived on Babylon 5 with others to join Byron Gordon's colony of telepaths living in Downbelow. He was beaten up by a group of thugs who hate and fear telepaths.[1] When a violent faction of telepaths seized Medlab and took staff and patients hostage, they took Peter out of his bed while still recovering and asked him to cover them in the hallway using his "special gift". He forced them back, but later, with surprise, he saw Gordon and let him in.[2]

Peter went with Gordon and those of his followers who had committed violence to attempt to surrender to Captain Lochley. He died with the rest when Gordon caused an explosion so that they would not have to return to Psi Corps.[2]