The Babylon Project

Phillip Lai was an Earth Alliance Senator in the 2130's.[1] He was known for opposing the regulation of telepaths by the Metasensory Regulation Authority.


In 2133, Lai was head of a Senate committee investigating allegations of misconduct on the part of the Metasensory Regulation Authority (M.R.A.). During the second day of questioning M.R.A. agent Desa Alexander, Daria Beaudain, another M.R.A. agent, attempted to assassinate Phillip Lai, but he was saved when Agent Alexander jumped in front of him, taking the bullet herself. Beaudain was in fact a resistance mole planted by Jack O'Hannlon and the senator's assassination was to have appeared to have been arranged by the M.R.A. Alexander's sacrifice in saving the very man trying to investigate her and her organisation, effectively absolving them both of all suspicion.

After the assassination attempt of September 2133, Lai becomes a telepath sympathizer and begins his opposition of the Metasensory Regulation Authority.