Dr. Phillip Stoddard wan an IPX employee who was assigned to analyse fragments of highly advanced alien technology found scattered across Syria Planum, on Mars in 2148.[1]


On May 3rd 2148, Stoddard working from IPX headquarters in San Diego acting on a hunch that the artefacts were examples of Organic Technology asked Mr. Raskov, a commercial telepath with the MRA to try scanning them. Raskov confirmed Stoddard's hunch but is somehow affected by the scan and became obsessed, making drawings of insects.

Stoddard, eager to cash-in on his discovery contacts a biotech firm to arrange a possible sale. Two days later while Stoddard was still in negotiations with the Kuchinsky-Behn, Raskov asks to touch the artifacts again but Stoddard refuses him access. Now thoroughly obsessed, Raskov lifts the access codes for the vault from Stoddard's mind and later attempts to break in, tripping a security alarm in the process. Fearing for his profits, Stoddard murders Raskov and makes his death look like it was the result of a stroke.

The next day Kevin Vacit and MRA operative Ninon Davion are called in to investigate the death of Mr. Raskov and after a day's investigation Vacit deduces what Stoddard had planned for the artifacts. The next day, before returning to Geneva Vacit confronts Stoddard with the result of his investigation and uses this leverage to secure exclusive MRA access to the artefacts. He tells Stoddard that he can escape prosecution and retain his position if he agrees to work within IPX, but secretly on Vacit's behalf. Stoddard agrees.


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