The standoff between the telepaths, the Alliance, and the Psi Corps ends in blood and tragedy. Garibaldi confronts his nemesis.



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The telepath conflict escalates with the ones outside of Brown Sector taking hostages in Medlab. Garibaldi confronts Bester and threatens to kill him unless he confesses to telepathically reprogramming him to betray Sheridan and Edgars. Bester refuses and explains that he has placed a mental block prohibiting Garibaldi from actually harming him. Byron sneaks out of Brown sector and ends the hostage situation in Medlab. He offers to surrender, along with all the telepaths who engaged in violence, provided that the rest be allowed safe passage off the station. Sheridan agrees, but Bester refuses to accept the situation and bursts in as they are surrendering, provoking a confrontation which ends with Byron and those who took up arms committing suicide. Lyta arranges for the remaining telepaths to leave the station safely and go underground. Garibaldi takes up drinking again.


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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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