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"You test my faith?"
"And you are testing my patience. Now move along before I decide to flunk out."

Harkar and Michael Garibaldi at B5 customs

Harkar was a religious pilgrim that traveled to Babylon 5 in 2258 to participate in religious presentations. Upon entering the station customs officials detected a ceremonial blade that he carried with him and Security Chief Michael Garibaldi stopped Harkar. When Harkar objected to surrendering his blade Garibaldi made him an offer, that if he could retrieve the blade secured to the outside of the station hull without a breather unit to assist him then he could have the blade, otherwise Security was going to confiscate it.[1]


The character is referred to as "Pilgrim" in the credits and wasn't given a specific name, but the licensed Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game identified him as Harkar.