The Babylon Project
Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.

The Pirocia-class Starbases are heavily defended and shielded defensive starbases used by the Abbai Matriarchate.


The biggest advantage the Abbai possess is in their shield technology, and its in their bases where that is most visible. The largest of their bases are the Pirocia Starbases, of which only three exist. Two of them are located at their home system, and the third is at the most important colony the Abbai have. Equipped with the best technology the Abbai possess, they are the best defensive installations in the League.

During the Dilgar War, the first and only Pirocia at that time was located at Abba IV. It was the sole bastion of defense against the Dilgar invaders, one that the Dilgar were unable to crack forcing them to resort to blockading the Abbai on their homeworld. Which was not lifted until Earth entered the war and liberated their homeworld.

  • Auxiliary Craft: 36 fighters, 6 shuttles