The Babylon Project

Zack Allen with a pizza.

Pizza is a popular Human food, traditionally served as a thin pie (but sometimes thick) and commonly served in wedge pieces. The item is often considered a full meal so side dishes are rarely included because the pizza includes a variety of ingredients and toppings making it seem like a complete meal, like a casserole does. (Although the health benefits of pizza have been heavily debated for centuries) While thousands of recipe variants exist that can replace every ingredient with alternatives the most common arrangement has a dough crust on the bottom and curled around the edges. Tomato sauce is spread on, then cheese, then a selection of other toppings; and each restaurant will offer a list of choices. In some cases some pre-arranged selections also exist like a "meat-lovers" pizza, or a "Hawaiian pizza."

In 2261 Zack Allan brought over a pizza to Lyta Alexander's quarters while she was unpacking her new place. He joked that the pizza was supposed to have pepperoni on it but they shouldn't look too closely.[1]

In 2262 Michael Garibaldi, in a drunken stooper, ordered delivery of a pizza from Fresh Air upon which he wanted pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes; which he called a suicide pizza. [2]