"To recap for Politdivision Central, the purpose of this simulation is to provide reverse-correct infospeak as support for current changes in Earth policy. It is the new policy that the Interstellar Alliance is restrictive and against the best interests of Earth. Intent is to deconstruct historical figures revered by prole sector thereby legitimizing current government policies."

Daniel, 2762

Politdivision was one of the factions fighting for the control of the Earth Alliance by 2762, during the Second Earth Alliance Civil War.[1]

Politdivision intended to break away from the Interstellar Alliance, which they considered an obstacle for the expansion of Earth's influence, as well as to destroy Earth Alliance's outer colonies, which remained pro ISA.

In 2762, Politdivision Central developed a plan to strike on civilian installations. They also planned to use holographic recreations of John Sheridan, Delenn, Michael Garibaldi, and Stephen Franklin to deconstruct these historical figures revered by the "prole sector," which supported the ISA, and sway the popular opinion to their favor. This plan backfired when the Garibaldi hologram broadcast his conversation with Daniel detailing Politdivision's plans. This information allowed the other faction to launch a pre-emptive strike on Politdivision.

The subsequent devastation in the Civil War caused the Great Burn on Earth.

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  • The term "Prole" usually refers to the Proletariat, or "ordinary working class" people and is used often in this context in George Orwell's well known dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The exact term "Prole Sector" is used in BBC's 1954 TV adaption of the novel to refer to the partly bombed out area of the city where the Proles live. This is not the only use or Orwellian language as Daniel frequently uses a grammar and vocabulary consistent with Orwellian Newspeak; "reverse-correct infospeak" "Goodfact" etc. In this context, the term "Prole Sector" likely isn't a single faction but rather Politdivision's name for the general population of Earth.

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