Praxis IX was the ninth satellite of the gas giant Praxis and the site of a commercial planetary colony well outside Alliance jurisdiction.[1]

The colony itself consists of four domed cities situated in the northern hemisphere, the largest of which being the Capital and the location of the only working spaceport on the planet. Praxis IX was used as a way station by smugglers, terrorists and traders from all across the whole sector, often dealing in illegal goods, weapons, techs, supplies and slaves. Like many such locals, it's a place in which the Thieves Guild operates.

At some point prior to her joining the Thieves Guild, Dureena Nafeel was held in the slave pens on Praxis IX and trained to serve, having been sold by her family to clear their debts. In 2267, Captain Matthew Gideon and Dureena went there to rescue Natchok Var, a Moradi fugitive who was being held prisoner.


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