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Seal of the President of the Earth Alliance

The President of the Earth Alliance serves as the head of state, chief ambassador, Commander in Chief of Earth's military forces and head of Earthgov's executive branch. Elected by popular vote every 5 years with new elections taking office in February of the 3rd and 8th year of each decade.

Notable EA Presidents

President Entered Office Left Office
Elizabeth Robinson Uncertain (2148 at the latest) February 9, 2163[1]
Elizabeth Levy Uncertain (2243 at the latest)[2] February 9, 2253
Luis Santiago February 9, 2253 January 1, 2259
William Morgan Clark January 1, 2259 November 2, 2261
Susanna Luchenko November 2, 2261[3] Incumbent (as of 2267)[4]

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  2. Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5 - Cites: Conjecture from In the Beginning and Midnight on the Firing Line
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