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Seal of the President of the Earth Alliance

The President of the Earth Alliance serves as the head of state, chief ambassador, Commander in Chief of Earth's military forces and head of Earthgov's executive branch. Elected by popular vote every 5 years with new elections taking office in February of the 3rd and 8th year of each decade.

In the event that the President is incapacitated or killed the Vice President takes over and is sworn in for the remainder of the current term, after which the former Vice President must stand for re-election.[1]

This took place not once, but twice in the 2258 - 2262 term when President Luis Santiago, who beat challenger Marie Crane in the 2258 election was killed when Earthforce One exploded near Io shortly after new years, 2259. Then Vice President William Morgan Clark was sworn in and served until November 2nd, 2261 at which point he committed suicide rather than face trial and impeachment for arranging Santiago's assassination and the ordering of numerous war crimes. Susanna Luchenko of the Russian Consortium was then elected by the Senate to serve out the remainder of the term of Presidents Santiago and Clark until she was re-elected by popular vote in February 2262.

During President Clark's regime, in instituted sweeping changes across the Earth government, including increasing the judicial powers of the Psi Corps and created several new institutions that shifted the balance of power dramatically in his favour, causing the Alliance to gradually slide into a totalitarian dictatorship. Among his new institutions were the Ministry of Peace and it's infamous Nightwatch Division (a volunteer paramilitary organization which became the secret police of Clark's New Order), the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Information, which eventually became Clark's propaganda arm, fronted by ISN, which had been forcible put under government control shortly after the Proxima III and Orion VII declarations of independence.[2][3][4][5] This was the culmination of a string of events that began with an incident which involved John Sheridan and an alien ship at Ganymede

Following Clark's suicide at the close of the Earth Alliance Civil War, many of the changes he instituted were reversed, though some of the involved parties managed to remain in government.[6][7]

Notable EA Presidents

President Entered Office Left Office
Elizabeth Robinson Uncertain (2148 at the latest) February 9, 2163[8]
Elizabeth Levy Uncertain (2243 at the latest)[9] February 9, 2253
Luis Santiago February 9, 2253 January 1, 2259
William Morgan Clark January 1, 2259 November 2, 2261
Susanna Luchenko November 2, 2261[10] Incumbent (as of 2267)[11]

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