Prole Sector was a name employed by Daniel, an operative of Politdivision Central, to refer to the supporters of the Interstellar Alliance during the Second Earth Alliance Civil War, in which the Earth-centric government fought against Earth Alliance colonies. This sector of the Earth Alliance was known to hold the members of the Army of Light, founders of the Interstellar Alliance, as heroes, thus leading Politdivision to try to "deconstruct" them via propaganda in an attempt to legitimize their xenophobic, Earth-supremacist policies.[1]

However, during the recording of one of these propaganda simulations, information was passed to Prole Sector and the colonies by a holographic A.I. projection of Michael Garibaldi created by Daniel, which allowed the pro-IA faction to strike against Politdivision first. This attack led to the Great Burn.

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  • The term "Prole" usually refers to the Proletariat, or "ordinary working class" people and is used often in this context in George Orwell's well known dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The exact term "Prole Sector" is used in BBC's 1984 TV adaption of the novel to refer to the partly bombed out area of the city where the Proles live. This is not the only use or Orwellian language as Daniel frequently uses a grammar and vocabulary consistent with Orwellian Newspeak; "reverse-correct infospeak" "Goodfact" etc. It is unknown if "Prole Sector" refers to a political entity or is a broader term.

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