The Babylon Project

"Can I keep this one when we're done? As a souvenir?"

Marcus Cole

The Prototype Hybrid Fighters were a small batch of fighter sized prototypes, built in mid-2259. They were secretly developed by the Minbari Religious Caste under the supervision of Ambassador Ulkesh and were used to test the hybrid Vorlon technology that was being developed for the new White Star class warships.[1]

The hybrid fighters were single-pilot ships, similar to Earthforce's Starfuries but much more powerful and maneuverable, able to match the capabilities of even a Shadow Fighter.

Though only slightly larger than a Shadow Fighter, the Hybrid fighters are similar in configuration to the White Stars and the later Snub-nose White Star, featuring a central cockpit flanked by port and starboard mounted engine nacelles. Also like a White Star, the fighters featured a Vorlon organic auto-repair system. The fighters' cockpits were pressurised and equipped with full life-support systems. However, Entil'Zha Jeffrey Sinclair decided that, like in Earthforce, pilots should wear full pressure suits as a backup precaution.

Only three examples are known to have been built, all of which were deployed under the command of Entil'Zha Sinclair on a mission to Sector 14.

Known Ships[]

  • Fighter 1: Piloted by Entil'Zha Sinclair. During the attack on the Shadow device in Sector 14, Fighter 1's cockpit was breached by shrapnel from an exploding Shadow Fighter, injuring Sinclair and permanently scarring his left cheek.
  • Fighter 2: Piloted by Ranger Sakai. Fighter 2 was lost when it fell into the temporal rift after being damaged by weapons' fire.
  • Fighter 3: Piloted by Ranger Cole.