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Psi Corps badge
"The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father."

The Psi Corps is an organization from Earth, wich controles all human Telepaths.

Telepathic humans that do not learn how to control their abilities are mostly unstable or become insane. Therefore they need guidance. In addition to that, unregistered Telepaths could do severe demage to the society, by using their abilities with criminal intensions.

That's the reason, Psi Corps was founded. All human Telepaths have to be registered by Psi Corps. After that, they have to choices: Work for the Psi Corps, or take the "sleepers". Most choose to work for Psi Corps, because it seems to be comonly known (although Psi Corps trys to keep it secret), that the sleepers (a drug that surpresses telepathic abilities) cause severe depression which often ends in suicide. ("Eyes")

Unstable telepaths - such as schizophrenic ones - are locked away for "the good of everyone". ("The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father")

PsiCorps HQ

Psi Corps Headquaters


Psi Corps calls itself the family of all human Telepaths. They see themselves as a different race than humans which they call "mundanes".
They allways try to deal with incidents concerning telepaths internaly, in order to avoid interference by mundanes. As long as they pretend, that nothing goes wrong "behind these walls", the mundanes leave the Psi Corps alone.
Thus they call such incidents "a family matter". ("The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father")

To strengthen the dedication of Telepaths to the Corps, there are a variety of slogans that shall remind the Telepaths, that Psi Corps is their family:

  • "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father."
  • "Protect the family."
  • "OBEY"
  • "United in thought, devided(?) in memory."

Psi Cops

Psi Corps training

Psi Cop training

The Psi Cops make sure telepaths are controlled and deal with rogues and blips.
All Psi Cops are P-12s, but not every P-12 has the ability to become a Psi Cop, because it takes a certain amount of ruthlessness.

Psi Cops receive a special training in blocking and scanning so that they are able to resist a deep-scan for at least an hour. ("The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father")


Although EarthForce thought, Psi Corps would have limited resources and would not be capable of building warships, Psi Corps had some. They remained in Hyperspace most of the time and left it only for maintenance and repairs. By that, Psi Corps made sure, EarthForce wasn't aware of the true strength of the Corps.

Known Members

Name P-rating Job
Lyta Alexander P>12 Psi Corps advisor to Babylon 5(?)
Jason Ironheart P>12 (former P-10) Psi Corps Teacher
Alfred Bester P-12 Psi Cop
(Miss) Kelsey P-12 Psi Cop
Lauren Ashley P-12 Psi Cop
Chen Hikaru P-12 Psi Cop
"the dark man" P-12 hidden personality of Harris
Jonathan Harris P-10 Student
Talia Winters P-8 Psi Corps advisor to Babylon 5(?)
John Matheson P-5 Assistant to Psi Cops
Harriman Gray P-? adjunct to Colonel Ben Zayn

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