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The Psi Scale was used by the Earth Alliance to rate the strength of a telepath's abilities. Sometimes the lines between the different ratings could blur quite significantly so that a weak P12 for instance could be little better, if not indistinguishable from a P11.[1]

Psi Rating[]

NOTE: Psi Cops are marked with a 'Ψ', Department Sigma personnel with a 'Σ' and Blips with a 'β'.
Psi Rating Description Known Individuals
P1 Lowest rating on the Psi Scale, barely registers as telepathic. Abilities rarely extend beyond detecting and blocking low level scans. Psi Corps P1's were mostly limited to low level administration or medical duties. [2]
P2 Very low rating on the Psi Scale. Psi Corps P2's were mostly limited to low level administration or medical duties.[2] Some are never attached to the Psi Corps at all, though are closely monitored.[3]
P3 Very low rating on the Psi Scale.
P4 Low rating on the Psi Scale.
P5 Low level Psi rating, most common among commercial telepaths. Psi Corps P5's working with the Psi Corps are mostly limited to doing background interviews, though they can be trained in search and recover, but are limited by proximity. [4][5]
P6 Mid level Psi rating, common among commercial telepaths. Sometimes specializing in criminal cases.
P7 Mid level Psi rating.
P8 Mid level Psi rating. A trained P8 can easily avoid capture by normals by implanting false or misleading thoughts or simply making a person look the other way.[6]
P9 High level Psi rating. P9's have the ability to sense electronic surveillance.[7]
P10 High level Psi rating. All Psi Corps instructors were rated P10. Known to be proficient at blocking scans and cutting through other telepaths' defenses. [8][6]
P11 Very high level Psi rating. Usually Psi Corps Administrators or senior instructors.
P12 Highest conventional telepath on the Psi Scale. All Psi Corps P12s were automatically assigned to MetaPol to be trained as Psi Cops, though not all would complete or indeed survive the training.[6] A trained P12 is able to detect a ship in hyperspace by focusing in on the thought waves of the passengers and crew. This is possible over a considerable distance as hyperspace is known to amplify telepathic signals.[9][10]
P13 A rating above and beyond any "naturally" bred human teep. Though all telepaths are a result of artificial manipulation, P13s and beyond usually result from further, more direct tampering or enhancements and may not even show up in mitochondrial testing.
P14 - P30 Though no human telepath has ever (officially) tested above P12, the existence of telepaths as high as P14 or even P30 was believed by Kevin Vacit to be possible as early as 2189, though it would take decades before his Psi Corps could produce such examples.[11]


The ratings of the following telepaths are unknown.