The Babylon Project

The Psionic Monitoring Commission was an Earth Alliance agency, instituted to monitor and regulate telepaths after the Psi Corps was disbanded following the Telepath War.[1]


It is unknown what the exact structure, size and powers of the agency were. It is alse not known who leads the agency or what oversight mechanisms are in place regarding it. However, some details indicate that at least half of the PMC are old PsiCorps members, and that there were special units, the equivalent of Bloodhound units, that chase and capture, or kill, rogue criminal telepaths. At some point, rules are passed to have investigators evaluate Earthforce's telepaths members every 6 months in search of inappropriate behavior.


In 2267, Mr. Jones came aboard the Excalibur to evaluate Lieutenant Matheson.

In an unknown date in or prior to 2271, a team of five PMC in a EABI transport, thanks to a tip of Michael Garibaldi's men, located Alfred Bester in a old asteroid, but all were killed by him, and he stole their ship to escape.

The same year, a team of eight EABi agents arrived at Paris to hunt Bester, who had been identified again by Garibaldi, but their leader, Sheehah, had been programmed by Bester, and attempted to help him escape. Garibaldi unmasked her, and the next in command, Bjarnesson, and his men helped Garibaldi, but failed to catch the rogue. Bjarnesson was killed and at least three of his men were wounded, and was Garibaldi who finally caught Bester.[2]


  • Mr Jones.
  • Joseph Begay (killed by Bester in the asteroid)
  • Herbst (KIA by Bester in the asteroid)
  • Cortez (KIA by Bester in the asteroid)
  • Two unnamed P12 agents (killed by Bester in the asteroid)
  • Sheehah
  • Bjarnesson (KIA by Bester in Paris)


It is never discussed what role the agency takes in finding, screening or training people with psi abilities or if those tasks are given to other groups. By extension, it is not known if such agencies provide for the totality of a person's personal needs and expenses as the Psi Corp used to.