The Pursuit of Earthforce Destroyers was a running battle between the Earth Alliance Resistance and several Omega class destroyers crewed by Clark-loyalists.[1]

Following the Battle of Proxima III, Captain John Sheridan continued the campaign to retake Earth, but suffered significant resistance from Earthforce vessels along the way. After several ships had defected at Proxima III, he expected much the same response from forces down the road, especially given that the defectors now formed part of the Resistance fleet. However, the EAS Cadmus, EAS Hydra, and the EAS Delphi fought a pitched battle that resulted in the damage or destruction of several Resistance ships.

During the battle, Sheridan contacted the lead ship, commanded by Captain Leo Frank, ordering them to surrender. Capt. Frank refused, claiming that his crew was just as dead whether they fought or surrendered. Sheridan was confused by this statement, as he promised safe passage to all crew members who surrendered. Frank and his crew had been briefed on Sheridan's campaign, how all Earthforce crews were captured, taken from their ships, executed, and replaced by Minbari crews.

To counter Frank's assertion, Captain Edward MacDougan contacted Capt. Frank from the bridge of the EAS Vesta. Frank was astounded to hear his old instructor from Earthforce Academy. MacDougan told him he had been lied to, how every member of Mackie's crew was alive and well. No matter what Frank was told about Sheridan, he knew MacDougan and could trust him. After this, all of the Clark-loyalist vessels stood down.

After the battle was over, the EAS Agamemnon - Sheridan's old ship - came out of hyperspace. They had been sent to look for him. Far and away from wanting to start another fight, Capt. James said he and the crew wanted to join up with their old CO's campaign. Sheridan disembarked from White Star 2 and went via shuttle over to his old ship for a reunion.

This quickly fell apart. Michael Garibaldi contacted Sheridan, telling him President Clark had captured his father. He had a plan to get him out, but Sheridan needed to act on it quickly. Sheridan took one of the Agamemnon's Thunderbolts to the meeting place, but was subdued and captured by Clark's forces.

After hearing about the captain's abduction, Commander Susan Ivanova took command of the Earth Alliance Resistance, ordering them to continue on as the captain would want them to. She also ordered that if Michael Garibaldi were to return to Babylon 5, he was to be shot on sight.


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