The Qal’Thaa was an ancient ship operated by an unknown race. Around the time of the First Shadow War, the Qal’Thaa was shot down near Theta 49 by a Shadow Vessel, while carrying a shipment of one thousand slaves from Zander Prime, to be used as labor to establish a colony. A few Life Pods survived and made it to the surface where the remaining one hundred former slaves - now stranded with no way of returning home - settled and eventually establishing a small colony, having been seemingly forgotten by those that had kidnapped them from their homeworld.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

This "Qal’Thaa" model was originally designed by Tim Earls as the Raider battlewagon for the TNT movie "Thirdspace" before it was later reused in the Crusade episode "Patterns of the Soul" as the starship Qal’Thaa, that was shot down during the First Shadow War.[2]


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