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Narn space station

Quadrant 14 was a location on the border of Centauri Republic space, located in Sector 158.

In the 2250s, a Narn colony was located there. While the Centauri Republic considered it a "listening post”, it was indeed the largest civilian colony under the Narn, excluding the Narn Homeworld. The colony had its own Jumpgate and a formidable space station in orbit to protect from attacks.

When the death of Emperor Turhan was imminent, Ambassador Londo Mollari arranged for the Shadows to attack the outpost. The Shadows completely annihilated the defenses of the planet. Afterwards, Centauri forces under the direction of Antono Refa moved in, securing the planet after engaging in battle with Narn fighters. Another Narn force arrived and saw the Centauri, naturally blaming them for the attack. It resulted in their formal declaration of war.[1]

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