"There he was, this decrepit-looking old priest, and me wondering what kind of prig he was – only to have him invite me for a spin on that speedboat of his. I was sure we were both going to die the way he hurled that boat around."

Jeffrey Sinclair to Catherine Sakai about the day he met Father Raffelli (from To Dream in the City of Sorrows)

Father Raffelli was a Human Jesuit priest and the head of a high school that the young Jeffrey Sinclair attended after the death of his father, David, in the Dilgar War. Raffelli used to tell Sinclair that he possessed gravitas, although Sinclair admitted that was before he masterminded the prank of dismantling Raffelli's speedboat and reassembling it around the top spire of a church. He also believed that every being, Human or alien, was on some kind of mission from God, and they needed to find out what that mission was. Raffelli and his wife were good friends of Sinclair's until their deaths several years before 2259.[1][2]


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