The Babylon Project

For the "Raider battlewagon" that appeared in "Thirdspace" see: Raider battlewagon (Thirdspace)

The Raider battlewagon was a capital ship utilized by the Raiders.

It housed many fighter craft and was capable of creating its own jump point. According to the Raiders, it cost them nearly every credit they had stolen over the period from 2256 to 2258.

In a bold move to recover The Eye, a treasured Centauri artifact worth the cost of two or three motherships, the Raiders launched an attack on Babylon 5 itself midway through 2258. While the entire fighter complement was either disabled or destroyed, the battlewagon managed to escape with the Eye, as well as the one who carried it, Lord Kiro.

The ship jumped back into normal space soon after the battle. It was then ambushed and destroyed by a single Shadow vessel. With its loss, the Raiders were put out of commission for quite some time.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

The Raider Mothership, or "battlewagon", was designed by 3D artist Mark Kochinski at Foundation Imaging. The design itself was inspired by an artichoke (at the suggestion of Ron Thornton) and with the requirement that it be able to accommodate the triangular Raider fighters and deploy them in a "fast and spectacular fashion."[2]