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For the "Raider battlewagon" that appeared in "Signs and Portents" see: Raider battlewagon

The Raider battlewagon was a capital ship utilized by the Raiders.

In June 2261 a group of raiders used this ship as a "Battle Wagon" while attacking the trade routes between the League of Non-Aligned Worlds near the Euphrates Sector. The ship was drawn out of hyperspace with the promise of a shipment Quantium 40 and disabled by a squadron of White Stars. Vessel is also equipped with escape pods.[1][2]

Behind the Scenes[]

This "battlewagon" model was designed by Tim Earls for the TNT movie "Thirdspace" and was later reused in the Crusade episode "Patterns of the Soul" as the starship Qal’thaa, that was shot down during the First Shadow War.[3]