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The Raider fighter is an unknown class of aerospace fighter used by the Raiders primarily as an auxiliary craft. [1]

The fighter is equipped with a weapons array and was controlled by a single pilot. Unlike standard Starfuries, they were equipped for atmospheric maneuvering as well as space flight.[2][3] However, this left them more vulnerable, as their air foils were a critical weak spot. Fighter is technologically inferior to Starfury, especially in terms of maneuverability.[3] Raider fighters are primarily used by pirates, raiders, and other "outlaw" groups to attack and capture or destroy unarmed civilian merchant starships using hit-and-run tactics. They are rarely used in combat against other fighters.


The Raider ships cannot form their own jump point thus limiting their ability to attack larger ships or also to run from the more powerful escorts from the other races. Because of this they have been known to utilize a "Battle Wagon" class of ship that can form its own jump point into hyperspace.[3] The "Battle Wagon" is not an actual combat ship in its own right but more of a carrier for the fighters.


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