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"An exquisite race of poets and dreamers and philosophers and leaders."
"A race wise beyond their time and soon to die before their time."

A Soul Hunter

Ralgans were a race of humanoids native to Ralga.[1]

Though they were an advanced race, they chose not to leave their planet and travel beyond the stars instead focusing their energies on enriching their culture.

The Ralgans would eventually evolved to the point where they no longer needed their physical bodies and were on the verge of ascending to a higher state of being.

Around 8,000 BC, the Soul Hunters sensing the passing of their physical forms mis-interpreted it as a mass extinction and sent fleets of ships to collect their souls before the beings on Ralga would "die".

The souls were placed within a large spherical vessel, where it was stored within a Whisper Gallery until its discovery by Robert Bryson in 2263 on an expedition to a dead world. The vessel was brought to Babylon 5, where the truth about what happened on Ralga was discovered.

Notable Individuals[]