The Babylon Project

This Anla'Shok Ranger brought word back of the Enphili plight to the Interstellar Alliance on Babylon 5.[1]

While Raiders were bombarding the Enphili, this Ranger arrived, promising to take the story of their struggle back to Babylon 5. He traveled on White Star 90, and was taken directly to Medlab. With just a few hours left before he would pass away, Delenn asked Lyta to do a Deathbed Scan.

While in his dying mind, Lyta talked to the Ranger and discovered the plight of the aliens from the Raiders. He worried that he was dying and told Lyta that the people on the alien world are good people and that he wanted his death to be good, to have meaning. As he passed away, Lyta witnessed his consciousness enter a white jumpgate in one of the Medlab doors, before the scan ceased.

The evidence that the Ranger brought back allowed for the liberation of the Enphili Homeworld.