Rashok of Dosh was a Warrior Caste Minbari who lived at the time of the First Shadow War. Rashok was a loyal follower of Valen, whom he served for three years. His experiences with Valen and Zathras were recorded in the databanks of Babylon 4, like those of Nukenn of the Religious Caste.[1]

In particular, Rashok recounted an event where he rushed to tell Valen, who was sitting on a bench in a garden watched over by Zathras, of the Minbari castes' decision to unify behind the great leader at last. Zathras told him the news could wait, and surprisingly managed to knock him down when he insisted on speaking to Valen at once; Zathras then helped him get up, offering to go with him to get him a drink and explaining that Valen was mourning all those who had died recently. Seeing his leader with tears streaming down his face, Rashok left the garden with Zathras, but not before offering Valen comfort by making the "thumbs up" sign Valen had used with him when going into battle.


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