Red Sector was an area of Babylon 5 that served as the station's commercial area. Businesses such as hotels, casinos, bars, and conference areas could be found here. Medlab, Security headquarters, and the Judiciary were also located in Red Sector. Access to Red Sector was unrestricted.

Notable Locations

Banquet Room

Red Sector features several large rooms that can be rented for ceremonial or festive occasions. The rental fee may include any furnishings that can be supplied by the station quartermaster, though the renting party may also supply their own furnishings.[1] In 2258 Ambassador Mollari used a banquet room to demonstrate Centauri cultural beliefs as a part of a cross-cultural exchange.[2] Later that year a banquet was held for the League of Non-Aligned Worlds representatives, before which Ambassador G'Kar protested the Narn delegation had been seated next to the Vree, citing their horrific table manners.[3] In 2259 Londo rented a banquet room to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his ascension. Later that year, Urza Jaddo held a banquet to honour his reunion with his old friend Londo Mollari. It ended abruptly when Jaddo challenged Mollari to the Morago. [4]


One of several shopping centres on B5, the Bazaar features shops and stalls carrying goods from all over the known galaxy and some of the best bargains this side of Centauri Prime.[1] In 2259, during the latest round of fighting between the "Green" and "Purple" Drazi, a major fight broke out in the Bazaar.[5] Later that year, when a Babylon 5 merchandising store was opened, several of the products on sale were produced by some of the traders in the Bazaar.[6] In 2260, when Brother Edward dropped his bag in Brown Sector, Garibaldi later found someone trying to sell it down in the Bazaar.[7]



The casino on Babylon 5

The casino in Red Sector offers a variety of games where all major currencies are accepted.[1] When he first arrived on the station, Londo Mollari would often spend a lot of his time and money in this establishment, although as he gained in power and responsibility, he found that games of chance no longer held his interest.[8] While investigating the murder of Stephen Petrov in late 2258, a lead led Security Chief Garibaldi to a man named Devereaux, who was know to hang out in the casino.[9] In 2259 a large contingent of Earthforce Marines briefly arrived on the station, during which time a disagreement between Private Kleist and Lieutenant Warren Keffer [10] led to a major fight among Earthforce personnel in this area.


The Concourse is an open pathway that runs the length of Red Sector. It is open to foot traffic only and offers splendid views of the open core of the station.[1][11]

Conference Rooms

Red Sector featured several areas that can be rented for business meetings and contract negotiations. Complete privacy is assured, and all rooms are equipped with a full range of data retrieval tools. The conference rooms systems are fully integrated into the station's central computer system and can be linked to any compatible datanet.[8][1]

Dark Star

A bar and nightclub in Red Sector, owned by Ock. Ock took great pride in the fact that he procured only the very best female dancers on the station, as a result the club had a sector wide reputation as a fine pleasure spot for all sentients. The dancers would perform sets in the main area and were also available to be hired for private shows. In addition to the main area, the club also features a private area in the back for high stakes games of chance.[1] In 2258 Adira Tyree was working as an exotic dancer in the Dark Star when she met Londo Mollari.[12] Later that year, Londo talked Lennier into to a game of cards in the Dark Star, the it ended abruptly when one of the other players, a Hurr, discovered Londo attempting to cheat. After the ensuing riot Security arrested 30 humans and aliens.[13]

Doug's Dugout

Doug's Dugout

Michael Garibaldi and Walker Smith enjoying Zoon Burgers, Jovian Tubers and a miner's draft of Traxian ale at Doug's Dugout in 2258.

Located in Red 05, just off the Zócalo, Doug's Dugout was a premiere sports bar that offers real-time links to Las Vegas and New Vegas, sporting events on Earth or the colonies in addition to the bar's own in-house games. A variety of fast food from a number of different worlds is also on offer.[1][14]


Earhart's was the officer's club on Babylon 5. Reserved for Earthforce personal and invited guests, it serves casual meals 24 hours a day and featured an excellent view of the station's inner core.[1][15][16]It is named for the 20th Century aviator Amelia Earhart.[17]

A club rule requires any officer entering on official business buys the next round of drinks. Garibaldi once made this mistake.[18] As tradition, only swing or big-band music is played in Earhart's.[19]

The Fresh Air Restaurant

Main article: Fresh Air

Babylon 5's only five star restaurant.

The Gardens

Delenn in the Garden

The Garden in 2257

The Gardens in Red Sector feature over 150 different kinds of plant life from several planets.


The Maze is an oxygen producing plant life covering an area some 60 foot square and 8 foot tall. Designed in the vein an old-Earth English garden, visitors can spend hours in the challenge of finding their way through the maze.

Recreation Centre

Rec Centre

Captain Sheridan enjoying the Rec Centre, 2259.

A popular location in Red Sector, this facility includes several virtual reality games and several pathways though a number of green areas that are a part of the station's overall atmosphere recycling infrastructure. There are also several open areas suitable for outdoor games including an Earth baseball pitch equipped with robotic pitchers and catchers.[20]


B5 Rotunda 01

Shai Alyt Bramner's casket lying in state in the Rotunda

Like the Sanctuary in Blue Sector, the Rotunda is a place set aside for gatherings, both public and private including religious services, lectures and diplomatic receptions.



Part of the Zocalo

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The central marketplace located in Red 05 and home to many open bars, kiosks, cart vendors and shops including the Eclipse Cafe.

Sub Sectors

Red 01

When a second wave of unknown alien attack force assaulted Babylon 5 in February 2262, all hands were called to on Red 01 to deal with fires on the deck burning in from the hull.[21]

Red 02

After having a "very frank and open conversation" with Mr. Garibaldi, Captain Lochley caught a Transport Tube to Red 02.[22]

Red 03

The location of one of Babylon 5's many business conference areas and temporary quarters. In May 2258, Ambassador Kosh arranged to meet with Talia Winters and Mr. Abbut in Red 03 at "the hour of scampering" and again the following day at "at the hour of longing". [23] In August that year Security Chief Garibaldi was called to "245" (assault with a deadly weapon) in Red 03. It seams the perpetrator was under some chemical intoxication. [24] While pursuing from Jonathan Harris Mars, Alfred Bester stayed in a the temporary residence in unit 7, in Red 03. [25]

Red 04

In April 2258, Commander Sinclair attempted to get Jason Ironheart off the station by ordering a route cleared from Blue 16 through to Red 4 on the pretext that it was a drill.[26] In August or 2262, several Centauri civilians are lynched and murdered by mobs, once such victim was attacked in Red 04.[27]

Red 05

The Bazaar and the Zocalo are located in Red 05. When Lyta Alexander first came aboard the station on January 3rd, 2257 she was assigned quarters in Red 05. Commander Sinclair showed her the way by cutting through the Alien Sector.[8] Argo "Big Belly" owned an establishment in Red 05, though the last person to call him that to his face wound up an entrée.[12] Red 05, compartment #23 was home to Ziklag-Ziklag Weapons, a licensed arms dealer that sold a wide range of weapons from all species, including a wide range of light munitions as well as a selection of battlefield electronic systems. Transactions involving the licensed sale of weapons on B5 is perfectly legal, so long as the merchandise itself is transferred off the station. Mr Timothy Chase was Ziklag's factor on Babylon 5.[1]

Red 06

In April of 2258, after escaping captivity by a pair of unknown operatives (Knight One & Two), Commander Sinclair was spotted by a security officer on level 2 of Red 06.[28] In August Security Chief Garibaldi called the security station in Red 06 for a pick up after arresting a pair of criminals dealing in stolen Medlab slappers.[24]

Red 07

In May 2258 the Liner Callisto docked in Bay 12 all passengers holding berths on that flight were instructed to see Miss Uru in Red 07.[23] When Amanda Carter, a representative of the Mars Provisional Government's Business Affairs Committee visited Babylon 5 in March of 2259, she stayed in Suite 15 of Red 07.[29]

Red 12

Was severely damaged in January 2257 when a Minbari Assassin detonated a self destruct. [8]

Red 14

Red 14 #57 was the location of the offices of Laughing Dragon Shipping, a small but influential business operated by Mr. Ashi Van Troc.[1]

Red 15

Most of Red 15 was blown out in January 2260 when an explosive devise was detonated by Robert Carlson, trapping between ten and twenty people.[30]

Red 26

Mirriam Runningdear ran a shop in Red 26 before she was Mindwiped by a Na'ka'leen Feeder. [31]


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