The Babylon Project

Regula IV is the location of an agrarian colony of Humans with no direct ties to the Earth Alliance.


The human settlers came there in 2177. When the Earth Alliance discovered the planet’s soil contained a natural antiviral agent, an expedition was sent to harvest the mineral. The Earthforce ship EAS Medusa was placed in charge of overseeing the operation. When the Drakh attacked Earth in 2266, their operation became more aggressive, which began to disrupt the environment and locals.

When this new more aggressive policy of exploitation began to affect the livelihood of the colonists, Alwyn, a techno-mage began to terrorize the mining crew and the Earthforce contingent with acts of harmless sabotage and mischief. It later emerged that the mining process was releasing such a concentration of the mineral into the local atmosphere as to be harmful to the colonists. Alwyn would later fake his own death as a way of ensuring the destruction of the mine, for which it was decided that a more suitable location was to be found, much further away from the inhabited areas.[1]