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The Religious Caste is one of the three Minbari castes in their society.


They pray.[1] They have been the most important of the Minbari castes in contemporary history, so much so that the religious and spiritual matters that they stand for take precedence over all others.[2] Their policies even after the time of Valen usually clash with those of the Warrior Caste.

While they are termed as 'religious', their function in Minbari society is wider than simply being monks or priests, also filling the role of politicians and diplomats. 

Core Beliefs[]

They believe that the universe is alive and conscious and has broken itself into many different forms of sentient life in order to better understand itself.[3] They also believe that when a fellow Minbari dies, his or her spirit joins the souls of all the others until it is reborn into the next generation of Minbari.[4] They have a code of beliefs known as the Principles of Sentient Life.

At a particular age, it is custom to go out to "the sea of stars" and to find a purpose and meaning in the service of others on their voyage before the end of their lives.[5]


Miscellaneous Facts[]

Physical Characteristics[]

Members are likely to shape their head bones carving them into a single crest with elaborate indentations.

Style of Dressing[]

Members usually wear plain robes in one color according to their clan.


Known Clans[]

Third Fane of Chudomo