Ris was a Lorkan representative on Babylon 5.

During the month of July 2267, Matthew Gideon went on board Babylon 5 to convince the Brakiri to allow them to land on Lorka VII hopes of finding something that will help them cure the Drakh plague. Ris and Polix had been selling advanced Lorka VII technology to other races for several years and keeping the profits for themselves. Fearing that Gideon would discover their dealing if the Excalibur visited their homeworld, they attempted to kill him, along with Captain Elizabeth Lochley. After their attempt failed, they claimed that being exposed to alien corruption led to their moral downfall. As a result, the Lorkan leadership reversed their policy on offworlders visiting Lorka VII and told Gideon that he and his people were welcome to come and move freely among them.[1]


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