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Riva was a young Centauri nobleman who was in the same squad as the brothers Solla and Durla.[1]


Riva was attracted to a young noble girl called Mariel, who unfortunately for Riva had already begun to favour his squad-mate Solla. Not willing to let the matter drop Riva attempted to fight Solla for Mariel's hand, though was soundly beaten, Riva publicly swore vengeance against his rival suitor. Shortly afterwards, both Solla and his younger brother Durla fell ill from poisoning and suspicion instantly fell on Riva. Though Durla survived, Solla eventually succumbed and when the other members of their squad moved to arrest him, Riva very stupidly made the terminal error of resisting arrest.

Unknown to all at the time it had actually been Durla who had poisoned both his brother and himself and allowed the blame to fall on Riva, just so he would be free to have Mariel to himself. It was however, all for naught as Mariel laughed off Durla's advances and shortly thereafter, become linked with House Mollari before her father arranged for her to wed the much older nobleman, Londo Mollari.