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The Russian Consortium was an Earth Alliance member state made up of what had historically been the Russian Federation in the late 20th century and 21st century.

In 2260, during President Morgan Clark's martial law decree and subsequent Senate purges, Russian Consortium Senator Borashevsky urged citizens to surround the Senate in a living barrier.[1] By the end of 2261, the new Russian Consortium Senator Susanna Luchenko was named acting President of the Earth Alliance following the suicide of President Morgan Clark.[2] Luchenko was re-elected into office in 2262 and was still the incumbent President as of 2267.[3] By 2266, the Russian Consortium had lost many of its citizens during the Telepath War.[4]

Science & Technology[]

The Consortium has been very active in its own scientific research. Just a few years before 2258, they had tried to develop an immortality serum without much success.[5] The Russian consortium also boasts the Museum for Xeno-Studies.[6]

Notable Places[]

  • Kamchatka: A peninsula in the Russian Consortium's far east. The Kith once did a stint working as mercenaries in Kamchatka, shortly before they were joined by Mercy.[7]
  • Moscow: Capital city of the Russian Consortium.
  • St. Petersburg: A Major city in the Russian Consortium and the birthplace of Susan Ivanova.[8]

Notable Citizens[]