The Babylon Project

Captain Sandra Hiroshi was the Captain of the EAS Churchill.


After the Earth Alliance Civil War broke out in 2260, Captain Sandra Hiroshi and her ship, the EAS Churchill, defected along with General William Hague to oppose President Morgan Clark. The Churchill joined the EAS Alexander at Babylon 5. Hiroshi came with a message that Clark had ordered the bombing of Mars for refusal to implement martial law. She also had learned of orders of a task force headed for Babylon 5 charged with arresting Captain John Sheridan, his senior staff, and placing the station directly under his control.

Not soon after her arrival, forces loyal to Clark arrived at the station and the Battle for B5 Independence ensued. During the battle, the Churchill was badly damaged, resulting in fires breaking out on all decks. In desperation, Hiroshi had her ship ram the EAS Roanoke destroying both of them completely. Afterward, her surviving Starfury pilots were divided up among Babylon 5 and the Alexander.[1]