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"- I won't let you endanger this ship because you're afraid to face the consequences!
- Are you questioning my orders, commander?
-No, sir. I am relieving you of command..."

Commander Sandra Levitt and Captain Trevor Hall

Commander Sandra Levitt was second-in-command of the EAS Heracles.


Commander Levitt chose to maintain her post in the Earth Alliance Civil War, serving as executive officer aboard the Heracles under Captain Trevor Hall and participating in the blockade of Proxima III.

In September 2261, Captain John Sheridan led a fleet to liberate the planet, resulting in the Battle of Proxima III. As the battle turned against forces loyal to President Morgan Clark, she relieved Captain Trevor Hall rather than have the entire crew lose their lives due to his refusal to surrender to Sheridan's forces. Afterwards, while in conference with the other ship commanders, Sheridan invites them to sign on with his rebellion. Levitt refused to do so, stating it was not the military's role to set policy. While Sheridan respected her choice, he warned her that she and the crew of the Heracles would eventually have to answer for their part in firing upon civilian vessels.

Levitt chose to withdraw the Heracles from the system for repairs, and kept it away from battle for the remainder of the Civil War.