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The Second Battle of Quadrant 14 was a battle between forces of the Narn Regime and the Centauri Republic that occurred mere hours after the Shadow attack on the Quadrant 14 colony. It would be the de facto first battle of the Narn-Centauri War


The Narn Regime received distress signals from Quadrant 14, one of their largest civilian colonies that lay on the border of Centauri space. These signals were confused, as the defenders of the planet did not seem to know who was attacking them. In response, the Regime sent a small fleet of Frazi class heavy fighters to investigate.

Meanwhile, Antono Refa of the Centauri Republic managed to prompt the Centauri Navy to send a task force to the planet. The fleet arrived by jumping in on their own, bypassing the local jumpgate.

The Narn ships arrived minutes after Centauri ships, exiting through the jumpgate. They surveyed the ruins of the star base and planetary defenses mere moments before detecting the closing Centauri warships. Believing the Centauri to be responsible, the Narn scouts engaged the Centauri fleet, but were outmatched and quickly destroyed. The Centauri then secured the planet easily.


Though the Narn military forces in Quadrant 14 were wiped out, a significant number of civilians had survived the carnage. The Centauri occupation force would have almost certainly enslaved or killed them had Captain John Sheridan not stepped in and threatened to send Earth Alliance representatives to the planet to observe the situation. Fearing that his secret alliance with the Shadows might be exposed, Londo Mollari convinced his government to let the Narn civilians go unharmed.

The attack and occupation of Quadrant 14 led the Narn Kha'Ri to declare war on the Centauri Republic. [1]