The Babylon Project

The Second Earth Alliance Civil War was a major conflict between two factions of the Earth Alliance, one loyal to the ideals of the Interstellar Alliance and the legacy of its founders, and another favoring a break with the Alliance.[1]

While several Earth nations and colonies continued to support the ISA five hundred years after its foundation, Politdivision believed that the ISA was restrictive and that Earth needed room to expand. For this reason, Politdivision Central intended to break away from the ISA.

In 2762, Politdivision Central initiated a program to deconstruct several historical figures central to the founding of the Alliance and revered by its supporters, in an effort to win public support for the new government policy. This was to take the form of a series of vids depicting John Sheridan, Dr. Stephen Franklin, Delenn, and Michael Garibaldi committing a number of atrocities in line with state-approved propaganda or "goodfacts," as opposed to "realfacts."

The program backfired when information was passed to the pro-ISA faction by a holographic projection of Michael Garibaldi, allowing them to initiate a pre-emptive attack. The war that followed eventually led to vast destruction and societal collapse on Earth, an event that would come to be called the Great Burn.