Lyta becomes closer to Byron and the colony of telepaths, while Franklin investigates a secret from the Hyach race's distant past.



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(not in order, just a summary of what happens)

More rogue telepaths arrive on the station. Zack talks with Lyta about it, raising a warning about Byron. Lyta tells Zach that she would follow Byron "into hell, smiling" if he asked her to because she believes in him and his cause, and he has helped her feel cared for.

Non-telepaths accost Byron, who does not resist and the accosters back down. Later, the same accosters attack a lone telepath, nearly killing him. In response, some of the rogue telepaths find one of the men and project images of fire into his mind. Byron comes to the scene and asks them to stop "for me". They do, but the man still passes out. Zach takes Byron into custody as a result. While Byron is in custody some of the telepaths find the lead accoster and kill him.

Meanwhile, Franklin convinces the Hyach to provide him with medical information as part of his ongoing project to create a genetic compilation of all Alliance members. He discovers that the Hyach have erased or buried all history prior to 800 years ago. After some research, he discovers that the Hyach had simultaneously evolved on their planet with another intelligent species, the Hyach-Doh. The two species lived in harmony for millennia, but then 1,200 years ago the Hyach decided to begin an extermination program. The Hyach-Doh were eventually eradicated, but it wasn't until several centuries later that the Hyach discovered that the Hyach-Doh were essential to the survival of the Hyach. As a result, the Hyach are a dying people. Franklin refuses to help them find a solution due to the "sins of the ancestors" but consents to a multiplanetary research group when the Hyach agree to disclose their past.

After Byron is released from the brig, he and Lyta return to his quarters. There, they make love to each other. As part of the process, Byron discovers that the telepaths were created by the Vorlons for use in the war against the Shadows. Byron then gathers the rogue telepaths together and shares what he learned. He vows to make the members of the Alliance pay for what the Vorlons had done by making the Alliance members give the rogue telepaths their own homeworld.

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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