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Babylon 4 reappears within the Temporal Rift in Sector 14 in 2258.

"I'm just happy to get away from here. I haven't experienced any time flashes, or anything like that, but the area still gives me the weirdest feeling. I don't like it here at all."
"These time stabilizers do seem to be working as promised, but I agree with you, Fighter Two. This is one area of space I'd just as soon never have to visit again."

Sakai and Sinclair, 2259

Sector 14 is a region of space approximately three hours flight time from Epsilon III via normal space and was the site of a temporal rift.[1]


In 2254, the Earth Alliance station Babylon 4 was constructed in Sector 14 shortly before its mysterious disappearance.[2]

In 2258, a strange tachyon source - later discovered to be a temporal rift - appeared in this sector, and messages from the Babylon 4 station came out. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and CWO Michael Garibaldi headed up a rescue operation from Babylon 5 to the lost station. The crew aboard B4 were entirely unaffected by the passage of time, still believing it to be 2254. They were safely evacuated to B5 before B4 once again disappeared.[2]

In 2259, a creature possessed John Sheridan and forced him to travel to this sector of space. As it turns out, it originated from the temporal rift and used it to return home.[3] Later that same year, Anla'Shok Marcus Cole, Catherine Sakai and Anla'shok Na Jeffrey Sinclair secretly engaged Shadow forces in Sector 14, resulting in the destruction of a device that was attempting to close the rift.[1]

In 2260, Draal used the Great Machine to enlarge and stabilize the temporal rift enough for safe travel. Crewed by Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn, Commander Ivanova, Ranger Cole, Lennier, Zathras, and Entil'Zha Sinclair, the White Star 1 traveled through the temporal rift, arriving in 2254 and setting into motion the mysterious and paradoxical sequence of events of the last six years.[4]

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