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A sector is a region of space. Some sectors contain more than one solar system.

Sectors 1-49[]

Babylon 4 reappears within the Temporal Rift in Sector 14 in 2258.

  • Sector 1: Tigris Sector - Neutral space. Location of the Planet Tigris and adjacent to the Euphrates Sector. Sector contains an Earthforce base.[1] Abel Horn claimed to have spent some time hiding in the Tigris Sector after his ship was destroyed near the Martian moon of Phobos located in Sector 100.[2]
  • Sector 7: Near Babylon 5 space. 10 degrees counter-clockwise from the station's axis.
  • Sector 10: Near Babylon 5 space. 30 degrees counter-clockwise from the station's axis.

Sector 45 and the former Markab Homeworld in 2260.

  • Sector 21: Sh'lassen Sector. Known to be strategically close to both Narn and Centauri space. Location of Akdor. After the success of Operation Sudden Death the Earth Alliance were allowed to establish a permanent presence. The next nearest Earth controlled jumpgate is at Babylon 5.[7]
  • Sector 47: Region of Minbari space. In 2258, Jha'dur under the alias Gyla Lobos travelled from Sector 47 to Babylon 5 on her way to Earth, after spending the last several decades among the Wind Swords.[9]

Sectors 50-99[]

  • Sector 56: Damocles Sector. Source of the poison florazyne, known to be effective against Vorlons.[14]
  • Sector 57: In 2261, in the wake of the escalating conflict between the Shadows and the Vorlons, all governments in Sector 57 declared a state of interplanetary emergency.[15]

The Army of Light engages the Shadow fleet in Sector 83.

  • Sector 85: The planet Ceti IV is located in sector 85 by 4 by 20.[19]
  • Sector 87: A relatively untravelled region of space and the site of a number of mysterious and shady reports.[16][20][21]

A Streib vessel operating in Sector 92

  • Sector 92: Outer sector from Babylon 5. In 2259 the Streib launched several raiding expeditions in this sector.[24]

Sectors 100-199[]

  • Sector 120: Location of Minbar.
  • Sector 127: Location of an abandoned Centauri colony. Apparently the colonists were driven out by the Narns. Matthew Stoner found a "Centauri artifact," which was actually a Narn booby trap, at an archaeological dig here.[27]
  • Sector 128: Location of Garesh VII,  a fortified Centauri world.

Narn forces in Sector 156 invade Ragesh III

  • Sector 156: Location of Ragesh III, a former Centauri Agricultural Colony.
  • Sector 157: Location of Quadrant 37, a former Narn outpost destroyed by the Shadows.
  • Sector 158: Location of Quadrant 14, a former Narn colony near the Centauri border. Quadrant 14 was destroyed by the Shadows.

Sectors 200-499[]

  • Sector 202: Location of Dorak VII, a Shadow base.
  • Sector 250: Near the Rim of known space. Former location of Z'ha'dum.

Clark's Advanced Destroyers arrive in Sector 300.

Sigma 957 located in Sector 305

  • Sector 420: Officially an empty sector, containing no known colonies, planets, or stations. The nearest jumpgate on the beacon map is approximately 2.5 light years from this sector. Unofficially it is the site of a secret Earthforce base used to test and develop Shadow technology.[32]

Sectors 500-1023[]

  • Sector 500: Region of space near the edge of Drazi Freehold territory. In 2260 White Star 1 attacked and captured a Shadow-aligned transport carrying a shipment of modified telepaths riding the Hyperspace beacon through Sector 500.[35] The Enphili Homeworld is located in sector 500 by 9 by 13.[36]
  • Sector 600: During the Earth Alliance Civil War refugees from Sectors 400 through 600 were taken in by the medical colonies at Beta Durani and the MacArthur Midrange Colony.[31]
  • Sector 730: Located about 40 hours, 14 minutes and 18 seconds away from Babylon 5 for a White Star in Hyperspace. Following the end of the First Shadow War, Babylon 4 was abandoned and secretly moved and left to rest as a monument in orbit of a planet in Sector 730 by 12 by 9. There it was guarded by the Tak'cha for over 900 years.[39]
  • Sector 800: Region on the edge of Centauri space. In 2260 the Anla'shok sighted Shadow vessels gathering in this sector. They would later drop a long range scanner in the area to get a better idea of what they were up to.[40] In 2262 The Yolu Ingyo agreed not to oppose the independence of the colonies in Sector 800 in exchange for an agreement by the Interstellar Alliance to intercede in all border disputes there for the next 20 years.[41]
  • Sector 840: Site of an attack on an alien civilian transport by a Shadow Hybrid vessel.[42]
  • Sector 857: Captain Jack Maynard of the EAS Cortez once went on a scouting mission in this sector with his navigation officer, Lieutenant Patrick, where they encountered an unknown alien vessel. From the description, it may have been a Shadow vessel.[6]
  • Sector 889: Location of Zestus.
  • Sector 1023: Near the border of known space.

Other Sectors[]

  • Eridani Sector: Location of a pre-interstellar Unnamed planet. In 2267 the Excalibur and its crew encounter a pair of paranoid and hostile aliens from the Eridani Sector accusing humans of interfering with their society.[50]


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