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Septis was the Markab homeworld, located in Sector 45.[1][2]

Presumably Septis orbits the star Markab. If so, because the star Markab is nearing the end of its life, Septis will soon be absorbed as its sun expands.

Stephen Franklin traveled to the Markab homeworld when he hitch-hiked on starships. There he met Doctor Lazarenn.[3]

In 2259 the Markab race was wiped out by the Drafa Plague, a disease that had appeared only once before, several centuries ago on the island from which it takes its name.[3] After the Markab went extinct, scavengers used the local jumpgate to strip the planet bare of whatever of value was left behind. This situation ceased when John Sheridan, commanding the White Star, destroyed the Markab jumpgate using the Bonehead Maneuver.[1]


  • Markab: Sentient bipedal humanoids (mostly extinct).
  • Venda: A type of fruit that is the main ingredient in Orcha.

Notable Locations[]

  • Drafa: A small island noted for certain "excesses" that, several centuries before the Third Age, was wiped out by a deadly plague. At the time the island had been isolated by storms for almost a year, so by the time people from the mainland reached the island, no one was left alive to transmit it. Over the centuries, the Drafa Plague became a legend, "Dark Angel of Drafa", a story used to frighten children. The Markabs believed it was punishment from the gods for the islanders' immorality.