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The Shadow Fleet is the space fleet of the Shadows.

The Fleet[]

The Shadow fleet is a gigantic one, in size it is only eclipsed by the Vorlon Fleet. At one time, early when the Shadows first went forth into the stars, their fleet was so vast that when it went into battle against the First Ones millions of years ago, it blotted out the stars in the galactic core. It's a fleet of living matrices which are bound to other sentient beings, who perform all of the ship's functions like a living computer. When the Shadows go into hibernation in phase space, they send most of their fleet into hiding. Shadow ships are dispersed throughout the galaxy, hidden in worlds, moons, and other celestial bodies. Some of them are hidden in secret strongholds, guarded by their servant races such as the Drakh. Others are hidden in isolated locations, buried till the time comes to retrieve the ships. A small part of the fleet guards isolated strongholds of the Shadows. During their withdrawal or retreat back to their strongholds, the Shadows would also plant technological seeds on worlds, that would mature into ships and bases during the Shadows' long sleep. When the time comes to bring war and chaos to the stars again, the Shadows and their servants reactivate the fleet.

In each ship, a living being is within the central hub, from which black growth spikes outward. The only real distinction between the various types of ships are their size and pattern. As masters of hyperspace energy and the rift between dimensions, the Shadows effortlessly glide between realspace and hyperspace without needed a jump gate or even a jump point. Therefore their ships shimmer into and out of existence, unleashing death with their molecular weaponry. A ship's fighting ability is partly dependent on the abilities of the living pilot that is bound within its central hub. Due to the Shadow's advanced technology and augmentations, nearly anyone can be turned into the central processing unit of one of their lethal killing machines. Shadow ships also emit a partially psychic screech when it wishes to do so, which unsettles nearly anyone that hears the scream.


Shadow ships are grown, possess organic hulls and are surrounded by an intense energy field. Vessels which have been bred to be fast, destructive, ferocious, and terrifying, and excel at all the aforementioned. These vessels possess an instinctive intelligence, one that glories in its power and screams to other Shadow vessels over radio frequencies. In the distant past, the Shadows piloted their warships but they haven't done so in millennia. Shadow vessels now use living sentient beings turning the ships into cybernetic machines. In the central body of a Shadow vessel lies the brain, its living central processing unit, as well as the power generation systems and energy reserves. New ships are grown to replace their losses but most of the Shadow fleet is eons old.

Their primary weapons use molecular technology that rips the seams between a target's mass, in which it burns a line of fusion like a hot knife through butter. Nothing is able to withstand these surgically precise slashes for long. Within seconds the largest of the Younger Races' ship end up as floating components, bleeding their atmosphere into space. Even the smallest Shadow vessels are undaunted by any amount of armor that any enemy ship possesses, efficiently shredding vessels two to three times their size. They generate an energy field that shunts an incoming attack around the ship's structure, expending its energy uselessly.


Against lesser foes, a Shadow vessel will easily and quickly win its confrontation. If facing an equal foe or overwhelming numbers, the preferred tactic consists of hit and run sweeps. They will leave an enemy warship in hyperspace and appear later, taking out damaged targets. Shadow vessels even pose a lethal threat against the Vorlons.



  • Shadow Regeneration Outposts

Planet Killers[]



Cruiser Family[]


Scout Family[]

  • Shadow Scouts
  • Shadow Destroyers
  • Shadow Strike Destroyers
  • Shadow Stalkers


Primordial Ships[]

  • Shadow Battlecruisers
  • Shadow Patrol Cruisers


The most powerful weapons in the Shadows' arsenal (outside of plague weapons) are multi-gigaton thermonuclear weapons. Thousands of missiles are carried by the Death Clouds, each of which has a yield in the gigatons. The missiles burrow deep into a planet's crust, where they explode and tear apart the planet from the inside. Resulting in a planet, with all or part of its crust has been blown away, exposing the mantle and filling the atmosphere with particulate matter.[1]