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Shadow Technology is the name given to a type of Organic technology developed and used by the ancient race known only as the Shadows.

After they departed the galaxy in 2261, a large amount of their tech ended up in the hands of the younger races, either through salvaging ancient artefacts and ships scattered across hundreds of worlds or as a result of a previous alliance with the Shadows.


Carolyn Sanderson fitted with Cyberweb Implants.

  • Bio-Genetic Nanovirus: A highly adaptive artificial plague capable of targeting specific species and capable of wiping out entire races.[1]
  • Cyberweb Implants: Highly adaptive cybernetic devices that are grafted into the nervous system of living sentient beings, allowing them to merge with almost any computer system. These are used to convert living beings to serve as CPUs for Shadow vessels.[2][3]
  • Death Cloud: The most powerful weapons known to be used by the Shadows, they were capable of reducing thriving planets into lifeless husks.[4]
  • Dreamweaver: A special offshoot breed of keeper, used to create and implant dreams while a subject sleeps.[5]
  • "The Egg": The nickname given to a large artifact found on the surface of Alpha Omega III by the crew of the Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) ship Icarus. A large inscription in it can be roughly translated as "All that is desired." The Egg serves as a trap, using telepathic attraction.[6]
  • Hyperspace funnel: A type of point-to-point hyperspace travel facilitated by a specially built jumpgate.[7]
  • Invisibility Web: A web-like garment used by the Drakh that could effectively blend the wearer into the background. Most effective in the dark or deep shadows, the effect is somewhat less effective when used in broad daylight. The web remains deactivated as long as it is folded in upon itself; it becomes visible if a part of the wearer is exposed and can be sensed and remotely negated by others that use Shadow technology.[8]
  • Keeper: A sentient parasitic organism that can maintain a telepathic link with its bonded Drakh that can subvert its host's will.[9][10]
  • "The Mouse": The nickname given to a small artifact found on Theta Omega II by IPX. Like most Shadow technology, the device is semi-organic and can be telepathically activated, resulting in a explosion,and also trapping the minds of telepaths within a three mile radius in a permanent trance, believing themselves to be the machine. Several more identical devices were found in a cave on Alpha Omega III by the crew of the Icarus.[6]
  • Null Field: Technology that acts like a portable event horizon of a black hole. It traps all light, energy emissions and sensor probes within a volume several miles across while allowing solid objects to enter and leave without hindrance.[11][12]
  • Remote control pod: An organic device used to remotely pilot a starship without the need for a crew. Just one or two of these hooked into the control systems are sufficient to run even a large warship like the Vorchan class medium warship and successfully engage in combat maneuvers. The Drakh acquired a large number of these devices when they evacuated Z'ha'dum and in 2262 used them to frame the Centauri Republic for a series of attacks on Interstellar Alliance shipping lanes. A few years prior, the Psi Corps discovered one such device.[13]
  • Sleeper: A sentient parasitic organism used for assassinations.[15]


  • Shadow Vessel: The most prominent weapon used by the Shadows in their wars of chaos. A large number of these were seeded on remote planets and moons across the galaxy, to be retrieved when the time for them to move again was right.
  • Shadow Scout Ship: A medium sized vessel used for scouting areas ahead of the main fleet.


Despite the big extension of the Shadow technology, there are only two known users of it, after the Shadows had left the galaxy:

  • The Drakh, mysterious servants of the Shadows, after their departure, they are the only ones known able to use most of their technology, including Death Clouds.
  • President Morgan Clark's regime, thanks to samples of Shadow vessels, managed to create two classes of human-Shadow vessels: The Shadow hybrid and Advanced Omega class destroyers. Only the last ones were moderately successful.

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