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"We fight because it is our nature. It is the calling of our heart. Life and death are simply two possible consequences, both equal neither valued nor feared above the other. For a Warrior, death is simply the release from our obligation."

Shai Alyt Shakiri to Alyt Neroon, 2261

Shai Alyt Shakiri of the family Kort, was a Warrior Caste Minbari and leader of the Caste during the Minbari Civil War.

Shakiri hoped to end the War by conquering the Religious Caste and creating a new Warrior Council to rule the Minbari without any representation from the other castes. He ordered the bombing of Yedor, and dismissed Neroon's concerns about how many people had been killed, saying they would be reincarnated and death was nothing to fear. Neroon volunteered for a mission to meet with Delenn to get either her surrender or information on how best to attack the Religious Caste. Neroon left on a Minbari flyer in secret, and told Shakiri he had information on how to hit them hard.

Soon, Shakiri was informed of their surrender and that Neroon had arranged the meeting at the ancient Temple of Varenni on Minbar. It would emphasize a return to tradition and be able to broadcast the meeting all over Minbar. Shakiri agreed enthusiastically. Unknown to Shakiri, Neroon was secretly helping Delenn to bring an end to the war that would not favor any caste.

In the Temple, Shakiri "greeted" Delenn and heard her surrender, however when he announced his plan to create his new Warrior Council, Delenn interrupted. She denied that her surrender meant the Religious Caste relinquished their right to be part of the new government. Instead, she reminded all who could hear about the Temple's Starfire Wheel, a powerful device used by the ancients to help determine which caste was worthy to rule Minbar. In the ancient times before Valen, when Minbari frequently warred against each other, caste leaders would step into the Starfire Wheel and endure the heat as long as possible. The leader who remained long enough to die ensured victory for their caste.

Delenn challenged Shakiri to stand and die inside the Wheel with her, but he refused. Only after Neroon mocked his cowardice and hypocritical fear of death did he join her. Unlike Delenn, he could not stand upright in the Wheel, and immediately asked her to come out with her, offering co-rule. When she refused, Shakiri couldn't bear to stay, and jumped out, thus proving himself unworthy to rule. He watched Delenn stand firm until she collapsed, and watched Neroon carry her out and take her place. After Neroon converted to the Religious Caste and died, Delenn gained the power to form a new Council while Shakiri fell out of power.[1]