"We fight because it is our nature. It is the calling of our heart. Life and death are simply two possible consequences, both equal neither valued nor feared above the other. For a Warrior, death is simply the release from our obligation."

Shai Alyt Shakiri to Alyt Neroon, 2261

Shai Alyt Shakiri of the family Kort, was a member of the Warrior Caste and leader of the rebelling warriors.

At the end of the Minbari Civil War, the Religious Caste surrendered but with one condition, that they would gather at an ancient facility in the Temple of Varenni on Minbar. The facility was home to the Starfire Wheel, a powerful device used by the ancients to help determine which caste was suitable to rule.

Delenn and Shakiri both stepped into the ring, but soon after the Starfire Wheel opened, Shakiri left. Delenn decided to make herself an example to the people of Minbar and decided to stay in the wheel until Neroon climbed into the wheel and removed her.[1]