The Babylon Project

Sheila Morris Rosen Blumberg O'Sullivan was the ex-wife of Leo Rosen.[1]


In 2241, Leo becames convinced that Sheila was having an affair with his brother Alex, despite his brother's repeated denials Leo persisted and eventually alienated himself from the rest of his family and forcing Sheila to eventually divorce him.

By 2261, Sheila had re-married and divorced twice and was living on Earth when Leo, having been diagnosed with Felmar's Syndrome, managed to convince his brother to come out to Babylon 5 so that Leo can get the truth out of him. Agreeing only because his brother is dying, Alex met with his Leo and Commercial telepath Lyta Alexander in the Zocalo and submitted to a telepathic scan. Lyta confirmed that Alex is telling the telling the truth, that he never had an affair with Sheila. Leo is left dejected with his wasted life and Alex, taking pity on his brother placed a call to Sheila and managed to convince her to come out to Babylon 5 in the hopes of patching things up between them. However, by the time Sheila arrived, Leo has fallen under the influence of the Thirdspace artifact and was not himself. Later in the ensuing riots Leo attacked Sheila and Alex, seriously injuring his brother and was only prevented from killing Sheila by the timely intervention of Minbari attaché Lennier.[2]


  • Though Sheila was only mentioned in dialogue during the TV movie, she makes an appearance and plays a substantial role in Peter David's novelization.