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Shir-shraba is the homeworld of the Hyach and the Hyach-do.[1]


Shir-shraba was once home to two distinct races of sentient beings, the Hyach and the Hyach-do. Initially the two species competed for land and resources but eventually managed to learn to live and work together, even intermarried. Over time though social and religious changes made such unions increasingly unacceptable to the majority of Hyach and over the course of centuries the Hyach-do were hunted down and wiped out through a planet-wide campaign of racial genocide.

The resulting extinction of the Hyach-do proved to be a disaster for the Hyach. Though it took many years, they discovered that the interbreeding between the two species kept the races strong. They also found that their population growth began decreasing, such that they were in negative population growth by the 23rd century. To cover their shame, the Hyach Grand Council of Elders chose to censor all official records beyond a certain point, not allowing them to be viewed by outsiders.

By 2262, Dr. Stephen Franklin - working to compile a xenobiological medical profile for the Interstellar Alliance of all member races - received these censored records from Ambassador Tal, confused why a race with over a thousand years of space travel and a society that was thousands older would only have records going back a few centuries. He eventually found the truth in Drazi records, discovering the existence of the Hyach-do and the population freefall the Hyach were experiencing.



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