Shiv'kala was a high ranking Drakh who secretly controlled two Centauri rulers. After the Shadows' departure from the galaxy, he took control of Regent Milo Virini by placing a Keeper on him in 2261. Through the Regent, Shiv'kala masterminded the Centauri War, in 2262 which ended in the devastation of Centauri Prime and the death of Virini. Afterwards, he took control of the newly crowned Emperor Mollari II by threatening to detonate thousands of fusion bombs hidden all over the planet.[1]

Shiv'kala remained on Centauri Prime for decades and eventually took control of David Sheridan II via another Keeper he had spawned himself. However, this ultimately resulted in him and the other Drakh on Centauri Prime being exposed. Shiv'kala himself was tracked down by Vir Cotto and Michael Garibaldi. Vir killed Shiv'kala, and in doing so killed the Keeper which freed David.[2]


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